PS5 Trigger Stops | Ghost Trigger

How Does it Work?

Ghost Trigger reduces trigger dead-zones by cutting unnecessary trigger travel distance. Engineered with a sleek design for all hand sizes, and gaming grips, such as claw, no-claw, paddles, and standard, while also cutting maximum trigger distance. Allowing gamers to gain the upper hand in shooting, and reacting quicker in all FPS games. 

PS5 Trigger Stop

Retractable Mechanism

As gamers ourselves we understand the various roles triggers play. From games like Call of Duty Warzone which require a full trigger for driving vehicles, to  Playstation's new Adaptive Trigger capabilities. With our patent pending Ghost Triggers, players will have the freedom to switch between Adaptive Triggers mode as well competitive gaming, by switching their trigger stops on or off on demand, and changing adaptive triggers through PS5 settings


PS5 Trigger Stops -

NOTE: While having Ghost Triggers switched ON player must turn OFF Adaptive Triggers through setting.


Easy Set-up

With the use of 3 strong Poly-Urethane tapes, our PS5 Ghost Trigger Stops will stay on no matter how hard you push down on your controller. 

  1. Peel red plastic off the tape
  2. Align with controller
  3. Hold for 15-30 seconds



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