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Our Mission

Our mission at Ghost Trigger is a simple one, we want to create an equal playing field for gamers to play at the highest level. Competitive gaming has become a huge part in every gamer’s life, for some it’s being the best in the friend group and for others it’s competing in online tournaments for money. But the problem for most gamers is the affordability of the accessories, advanced controllers average at about $200 each which is absurd. As gamers facing the same dilemma we have made it our mission to make affordable products to boost your gameplay instantly. Ghost Triggers are the most efficient and affordable Trigger Stops on the market today.

Our Story

We've been gaming for over a decade, specifically since PS1, playing games such as Crash Bandicoot and GTA. It's no secret games have been evolving at a rapid pace from the good old days of split screen Modern Warfare 2, to present day Warzone and Fortnite. With all this experience, and the growing industry of E-Sports, we noticed one key thing, gaming gear wins games. Growing up we were never able to buy the best controllers or headsets on the market, and had to make do with what we had. We always attempted DIY controller mods to give us any advantage when playing. The Idea of Ghost Trigger originated during the days of Fortnite World Cup, where global competition was at its peak. While competing against the world's best, we realised standard controllers were no longer a viable option. This is what led us to develop the only retractable trigger stops on the market, while also maintaining our pledge of affordability.

"Gaming gear wins games" - Ghost Trigger


Full Retractability

Created with a quick snap on, snap-off mechanism. Ghost Trigger can be turned on-off in between games. Specifically designed to match with FPS and Racing games.

Maximum Travel Distance Cut

Measured with extreme precision, Ghost Trigger cuts a total distance of 6.3 millimeter out of the total 6.8mm.

Easy Set Up

With the use of special Poly Urethane tape, Ghost Trigger is practically Gorilla Proof.

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