Why You Need Trigger Stops for Call of Duty | Ghost Trigger

Why You Need Trigger Stops for Call of Duty | Ghost Trigger



Use of Trigger Stops in Call Of Duty (Warzone)

Ghost Triggers, our version of PS4 trigger stops, are a great asset to elevate your game in order to stay toe to toe with keyboarders. Ghost triggers force standard triggers to act like mouse clicks.

This helps a ton in FPS games but in warzone it is even more versatile. Here are the reasons you need Ghost Triggers to excel at Call of Duty Warzone:


Aiming Faster with Ghost Triggers

Call of Duty is known as a twitch shooter, this means the game is intensely fast paced and requires a good reaction time to play at the highest level.

Due to the way the angles and cameras work in the game most scenarios are face to face 50/50 gunfights. This makes it so whoever ADS’s (Aim Down Sights) first usually wins the gunfight.

Ghost Triggers allow for less “travel distance” when pulling on the triggers, giving you a faster ADS speed with all weapons. 

Quickscoping has been a staple in Call of Duty for over a decade. We have observed that many controller players pull the ADS trigger down fully before firing their weapon.

This is extremely dangerous with snipers due to the slow ADS speed and fire rate. Plus the longer you take to aim the longer you stand still which makes you an easy target.

Trigger Stops allow for a quicker pull on the controller, which grants players more time to align their shot and hit that nasty quick scope with consistency.


How to Shoot Faster with Trigger Stops?

While aiming down sights fast is extremely important in Call of Duty so is shooting faster. In Call of Duty once you get shot your character flinches causing your weapon to kick.

This puts you at a huge disadvantage from the beginning of the fight. With the travel distance of the trigger reduced drastically you will always shoot faster then someone with a standard controller.

Plus shooting semi-auto weapons and burst weapons become significantly faster with the help of trigger stops. Guns in Call Of Duty start to fire when the trigger is about 15% the way down from the initial point.

This means the time to pull it all the way down and back up are wasted for no reason. Semi-auto and burst weapons usually pack a punch but lack in fire rate.

Ghost Triggers make it so when using these weapons you get a faster fire rate. This causes semi-auto weapons to become “broken” or overpowered. 

Recoil Control and Tap Firing

Recoil control is what makes pro players so good at Call of Duty. The only way to stay at the top of the competition is to have precise recoil control.

Warzone has brought a new dynamic to the game. Call of Duty usually consists of small clustered maps, this allows for a great deal of close quarters combat which relies less on recoil control.

With the warzone map being so vast and having very open areas, picking people off at long ranges is necessary. To counteract recoil at longer ranges people have adapted to tap firing their weapons.

This makes the gun easier to control which leads to more shots hit. Ghost Trigger allows the chore of tap firing to be done at a higher rate of speed, with both ease and comfort which in-turn increases accuracy.


The Negative Side of Trigger Stops, Vehicles.

The main problem with most PS4 Trigger Stops is the fact that they aren’t meant for racing games or vehicles. Vehicles in video games usually depend on the trigger to go full throttle.

This means with traditional trigger stops a vehicle will never be able to go at full speed. This is severely dangerous in warzone because players with pristine aim can laser you out of your vehicle if you aren’t going fast enough. 

Plus with the abundance of vehicles getting around on foot becomes a chore. Another benefit to being inside a vehicle is you can never get caught in open fields.

Ghost Triggers have adjustable trigger stops with just a flick of your finger. Whenever you decide to drive a vehicle you can just retract the trigger stop to go full throttle. Ghost triggers are made for performance, comfortability and versatility.






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