Importance of Trigger Stops in Fortnite | Ghost Trigger

Importance of Trigger Stops in Fortnite | Ghost Trigger

In today’s gaming world, milliseconds determine the chance of potentially winning a 3 million dollar tournament.

It is important to note that Keyboard players have the advantage playing against someone on a standard PS4 controller.

That is why most pro controller players use advanced  controllers. These controllers are quite expensive but come with useful attachments such as paddles and trigger stops.

Unfortunately pro controllers can break the bank so a handful of players change their grip style to the claw grip, to make sure they play at the highest level. Adaptation is the key to succeed in such an ever maturing game


Ghost Trigger™, our version of PS4 Trigger Stops give a fighting chance  when keeping up with mouse and keyboard players, by forcing controller triggers to mimic the click of a mouse.

Building and editing have become such a staple within fortnite engagements. This means becoming faster and more consistent is the only way to stay on top.

Trigger stops help a ton in all FPS games, but bring fortnite gameplay to another level. Below, are the reasons why trigger stops are extremely beneficial for controller players to advance.


Aiming Faster with Trigger Stops

Ghost trigger™ allows for less “travel distance” when pulling on the triggers. This is a huge deal when it comes to in-game battles.

We have observed that many controller players pull the ADS trigger down fully before firing their weapon.

This costs players precious time and is dangerous, specifically in “sniper battles” or when getting a free shot on your opponent. Players are always on the move in fortnite which makes it extremely difficult to hit a snipe.

Ghost triggers allow for a quicker pull on the controller which grants players more time to align their shot. Most of the time in 50/50 gunfights the winner is determined by who aimed in faster.

Shooting Faster with Trigger Stops

With the ability to aim faster you also reap the benefits of shooting faster. With the travel distance of the trigger reduced heavily, shooting semi-automatic weapons and burst weapons become noticeably quicker.

However it is important to note that the bloom mechanic in fortnite makes it so, a faster fire rate does not directly correlate to winning a battle. Meaning the faster you shoot the more the bullet spreads.

In other words the crosshair of the weapon gets bigger resulting in less accuracy. This combined with recoil makes it very hard to track players with ARs from a range.

To counteract this bloom effect players tap fire their weapons, this allows the bloom and crosshair to stay small which increases accuracy drastically.

Ghost Trigger™ allows the chore of tap firing to be done at a higher rate of speed, with both ease and comfort which in-turn increases accuracy.

The Charge Shotgun

Shooting faster is the name of the game when it comes to the new charge shotgun. Fortnite added the charge shotgun with the release of season three.

This completely changed the meta of the game and made trigger stops even more necessary. Traditionally shotguns shoot upon tapping the trigger, but the way the charge shotgun works is the exact opposite.

This shotgun is a Shoot-on-Release weapon. This means that until you don’t take your finger off the trigger the shotgun won’t shoot.

Ghost Trigger reduces the distance PS4 triggers are pulled and allows for a quicker release which causes a quicker shot.

Shotgun 50-50 gunfights are extremely common in fortnite, this means that the fate of the battle is usually based on whoever shoots their weapon first. A player who uses trigger stops will always shoot first in this very common situation. 


Edit Faster With Trigger Stops, Edit on Release

 Editing has become a fundamental part of fortnite, if you lack in edit speed you will have a tough time dealing with opponents. Fortnite recently added a new feature to editing, which allows players to be even faster.

Edit on release makes it so when you release your trigger button it auto confirms. This causes the player base to exponentially get quicker at editing. But the only problem is releasing a trigger takes up precious time to edit.

Ghost trigger allows you to shave this time off and edit instantly. The reduced travel distance of the trigger allows you to come back or release your finger quicker.

It has the same effect as the charge shotgun, the faster you release the faster you edit. This makes advanced double and triple edits buttery smooth and quick.Having quick edits is the only way to stay on top.


 Piece Control

Having faster edits allows you to have incredible piece control. Piece control is when you pre-place build pieces to either block your enemy or trap them in a box.

Piece control allows you to fluster an opponent and put them in a terrible position. When you own all the real estate around your opponent in fortnite, it puts you at a huge advantage.

You get to take different peaks and angles which force the enemy to only react by shooting.

When playing at a high level, piece control determines a good player from a great player. Having trigger stops helps out tremendously in this situation.

Controller players have their triggers bound to wall and stairs for their builds. These are arguably the most important build pieces when it comes to piece control. Walls and stairs allow you to block enemy fire and trap your enemies.

Being able to click your triggers faster than your opponents gives you a higher chance of obtaining piece control and putting your foe at a disadvantage.





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