Pro Players who use Trigger Stops

Which Professional Players Use Trigger Stops

Over the years professional gaming has been on the rise all over the world. Players from all regions compete against one another for prize money and chances to get picked up by professional gaming organizations.This means professional players use anything in their power to gain the competitive edge when in high prize pool tournaments.

A common example of this is buying advanced controllers such as the Xbox Elite Controller or SCUF controllers. These advanced controllers have built in attachments that make the game more efficient, which is necessary when playing at a high level.

The problem the average gamer faces here is that these advanced controllers cost around $200. For professional gamers the price of the controller usually isn’t the problem. They either make way more than the average person so it’s not a big deal or the team they’re on is sponsored by the controller company so they get it for free.

Advanced controllers usually come with two built in attachments that make them more efficient than standard controllers.Firstly they come with trigger stops. Trigger stops have many benefits when it comes to shooting games that most people don’t even know about.

 The second attachment is remappable back buttons, this makes it so u can do multiple actions at once and not have to take your thumbs off the analog stick. Taking your thumb off the right analog stick gives you less control over your motion overall. 

But now there’s a cheaper solution to getting trigger stops and remappable back buttons. Firstly SONY themselves made a back button attachment that allows you to remap two buttons to the back of your controller.

We’ve also developed a trigger stop attachment that goes hand in hand with the SONY’s back button attachment. Both products retail at $29.99 which means you save a ton of money rather than buying an advanced controller.

Trigger Stops for Call of Duty

Most professional Call of Duty players use trigger-stops to give them an edge in their gunfights. The pace of their games are so fast even the smallest errors lead to instant elimination. This is why efficiency is key to gaining a competitive edge on your opponent.

Trigger-stops in Call of Duty allow you to react quicker by pressing the triggers down a lot faster than standard PS4 controllers. They also allow semi-auto weapons to be fired at a much higher fire-rate than normal.

Quick Scoping and snap-aiming become more efficient with trigger stops due to the reduced travel distance for the triggers. Above is a list of all the Call of Duty Pros that use Trigger-Stops to enhance their game.

Trigger Stops for Fortnite

Fortnite is the most mechanical game the industry has ever seen. The game consists of intricate editing, building and aiming, plus most of the best players in the world play with a keyboard and mouse .

Mouse and keyboard players have a huge advantage when it comes to high level play within Fortnite. Firstly they have their whole arm to aim, which makes them very precise. Secondly mouse clicks are a ton faster than controller triggers. Being a professional controller player in a game like Fortnite is extremely difficult.

That is why most fortnite pro controller players use trigger-stops to aid their game. This allows them to keep up with the builds and edits of the keyboard players especially in late-game tournaments where every efficient build and edit can save your life. Above is a list of all the professional controller players that use trigger stops to compete against mouse and keyboard players.

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