What Are Ghost Trigger Stops For PS4?

What Are Ghost Trigger Stops For PS4?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a competitive gamer with a sizable Twitch audience, or just a casual player on the weekends, everyone’s always looking for an edge when it comes to gaming. While there are some minor ways to find a bit of an advantage at times, nothing is as important as the actual gameplay itself — a factor that really boils down to how your controller operates.

Trigger stops are a common product you’ve likely seen mentioned a time or two by now, but not everyone knows that they do. 

We’re glad to help. Keep reading to find out what a trigger stop can do for your gaming experience, and why Ghost Trigger is the easy choice. 

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What Are Trigger Stops?

Trigger stops are a modification to gaming controllers that are made to reduce trigger latency by removing the travel distance required past the usual activation point of the trigger. To put it simply: This means you don’t have to push a button all the way down in order to activate the trigger like you would with a normal controller. A simple tap of the button will activate the trigger, rather than pressing all the way down to create contact.

Trigger stops are sometimes confused with a similar innovation known as hair triggers. While similar, the two act in different manners and shouldn’t be considered equivalent.

What Are Hair Triggers?

Hair triggers adjust the travel distance of the trigger to make it a shorter throw for a quicker shot. Trigger stops are an actual piece that stops the trigger from moving down past a certain point while still activating it when touched.

What Are the Benefits of Using Trigger Stops in Gaming?

As you can imagine, trigger stops offer a huge advantage in terms of gameplay — particularly with popular shooting games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. The level of competition with these games is higher than ever before, so having a trigger stop can vastly improve your gameplay from the moment you begin using it. This leads to more kills, more wins, more bragging rights, higher rankings, and so on. 

With today’s level of gaming, fractions of a second can make all the difference. With trigger stops, you are getting an instant leg up on the competition, allowing you to fire faster and with less effort. These advantages can certainly apply to other types of games that require rapid-fire pressing of controller buttons as well. 

Here’s another benefit: Modified controllers are becoming much more mainstream. As other gamers begin to make the switch to using modded controllers, other gamers who are still using stock controllers are going to be left in the dust. In fact, most of the world’s best gamers use modded controllers. If you’re not already using trigger stops, now is the time to do so. 

Notable Trigger Stop Makers

The idea of trigger stops is not entirely new, as there are a handful of companies who have had some success in creating customized controllers that allow for trigger stops, hair triggers, and more. The most notable ones include Bionik Quickshot, Trigger Devils, and SCUF. While all three manufacturers have accomplished some admirable things in terms of elevating gameplay with various trigger mods, they have plenty of deficiencies as well. 


Bionik Quickshot lacks in both setup, convenience, and cutting controller trigger distance. This product is actually glued to the controller using an adhesive, essentially sacrificing the controller. It’s also entirely inconvenient: If the user wants to switch games — such as a racing game or RPG — the user can no longer use that controller; it must remain almost exclusive to shooting games. This also means you’ll need to purchase multiple controllers. 

The trigger stop itself is also inferior compared to Ghost Trigger, as Bionik Quickshot cuts approximately 40% of the trigger distance that Ghost Trigger offers. 



Trigger Devils is another notable maker of trigger stops … or at least used to be. While this company initially made the most effective and simple trigger stops on the market, they are no longer actively in business. Many gamers have openly theorized on the reasons behind this, but the consensus seems to be due to ongoing complaints of the trigger stops no longer fitting newer PS4 DualShock controllers. 


Lastly, there’s the most popular maker of modded controllers, SCUF. Their custom controllers can feature a number of different mod options, but they are very expensive, and you’ll likely need multiple controllers for different games. There’s also the limited adjustability factor, which we’ll go over below in more detail. 

What Makes Ghost Trigger Unique?

Ghost Trigger trigger-stops were inspired by the innovation that led to the development of the original trigger stops, but we take things much further by addressing the glaring shortcomings found with previous products. Our trigger stops not only offer the most in terms of trigger distance reduction, they’re also easy to use and adjust, and much more affordable than other products. The result is the most well-rounded, effective, and economical trigger stop in the industry. 

Trigger Distance

When using a trigger stop, the actual reduction of trigger distance is the most vital. Ghost Trigger offers the most in regards to reducing trigger distance, allowing gamers to create the most sensitive and responsive buttons of any controller in existence. The resulting advantages in gameplay are superior in every way — even against other players who may be using different trigger stop brands. If you’re using Ghost Trigger, you always have the leg up.


This is actually a major drawback with SCUF, arguably the most popular of trigger stops. When adjusting the trigger distance, or disabling it entirely, you must use a special metal key that fits into the controller, disrupting gameplay and making the adjusting process complicated and inconvenient. 

With Ghost Trigger, trigger distance you can also instantly toggle the trigger stop on and off with a simple flick, allowing you to seamlessly switch between using the trigger stop and bypassing it. This not only creates a maximum amount of versatility, it also enables you to use the same controller with any game. 

There are also times when you may need to activate the trigger stop in the middle of a game. For instance, consider MW’s Warzone, a game that often requires running away from poison gas while also taking on other players and occasionally driving in vehicles to escape. With Ghost Trigger, you can use the dial in-game to activate or retract the trigger stop as needed to best match these situations. If you are using a SCUF controller, you’ll have to use the external key to make adjustments instead, making in-game toggling close to impossible. 


Let’s face it, gaming can often be expensive. When you factor in consoles, hardware upgrades, accessories, and the games themselves, it’s hard to budget in more money for overly-priced controllers and trigger stops. 

We want as many people as possible to utilize the advantages of Ghost Trigger and experience an elite level of gaming, which is why we’ve priced our product on a much more affordable level than you’ll find with other products. You’re not only getting the best trigger stop on the market, 

you’re also getting the most affordable one. And thanks to the versatility and toggling of the trigger stops themselves, you won’t need multiple controllers for separate games. 

Superior, Accessible, Effective Trigger Stops from Ghost Trigger

In today’s gaming landscape, having an advantage in gameplay can elevate your competitiveness to new levels — and keep it there. This is precisely what Ghost Trigger does. 

Fractions of a second can make all the difference, especially when rapid button hits are required. With Ghost Trigger, you will always enjoy an advantage over the competition, even if they are using trigger stops of their own. Nobody matches Ghost Trigger in terms of performance, ease of use, adjustability, and price. 

Experience the superior gameplay that Ghost Trigger offers for yourself — or simply remain complacent with mediocre gameplay robbing you of the massive performance boost that’s just a click away. 

Whether you play for leisure or competitions, set yourself apart by ensuring a substantial edge over the rest, and save money in the process! Order your new Ghost Trigger now to see what you’re missing. 

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